Exped Mega Mat 10

The sleeping pad that magically transports your bedroom to the outdoors. The Exped Mega Mat 10 has been the single greatest purchase of my adventure. Again, like many of the products I purchased, it may have been a bit overkill. I used it in my set up to add comfort to the creaky and firm Walmart cot rigged to stretch down the full length of my vehicle. Pros
  • Excellent warmth. It has an R-value around 8-9, meaning that it is difficult for the cold ground beneath you to leech warmth from your body.
  • Adjustable softness/firmness. The mattress inflates to a very forgiving softness but can also be firmed up with the included packable foot (or hand pump).
  • Pressing on a portion of the mattress won’t radically shift air. This feature makes it feel more like a traditional mattress.
  • The pad is big enough to shift on comfortably during the night.
  • I wouldn’t take this on a 3-day hike—it’s smaller than a traditional air mattress, but still pretty bulky. I mean, go ahead and try it if you want… I once took a chair with me on a four-day Boy Scout hike, so you can’t do much worse than that.

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