Emergency Hand Crank Self Powered Flashlight Radio. (Hurricane Irma-proof!)

This hand crank radio saved my skin!

The week leading up to Irma’s landfall was a bit surreal in Miami. Some people warned of terror and anarchy, while my boss said he would throw a “hurricane party.” I didn’t start taking it seriously until I drove past a gas station on my way home one evening to see a line of cars that stretched a few blocks, and then another displaying a sign that read “out of fuel.” I looked down at my gas gauge–at 1/4 tank–and a small panic set in. It was time to get prepared, and I was late to the party.

Gas: a necessity for warmth, air conditioning, information, and charge for devices for a van dweller. Vandwellers are still in business when power goes down, but what happens when there is no more fuel, as was the case for Miami?

For a solution, I recommend having a hand crank radio for times when fuel needs to be conserved. Maybe you are on a budget and want to listen to tunes and charge your phone? Or maybe you are hunkered down during 80 mph winds? This is the tool you need to stay afloat and alive.

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