This cot is the backbone to better sleep in a car

How to get better sleep in your car? This rather inexpensive solution is the first step in smoothing out the rough landscape that is the back of your car. When I first envisioned sleeping in my car, I had always imagined using a camping cot. Though, when I took to youtube, not many people had gone this route, rather, many people built out sleeping platforms out of wood.

I did not want to spend a crazy amount of time using someone’s garage and tools to do this, and besides, I am not spectacular with woodworking. I also wanted my vehicle to be converted back into a normal car within a few minutes for various reasons. I decided on a cot for its weight, affordability, packability, and it has been sheer genius.

The fit in my 2004 Toyota Highlander using the method I show in this video couldn’t have been better. It stretched from the back of my car to right behind the passenger seat. The first two set of legs were on the even surface of my trunk. The legs by the head of the cot were man even using a plastic storage contain placed right behind the passenger seat.

With just the cot itself, it is like an extra-extra firm mattress, however when compared to sleeping on the uneven back seats sitting, or the driver’s seat reclined, it does much to be able to lay down flat and fully stretched. In addition to the cot, I placed a low profile camping air mattress on top of the cot. At that point, it was probably more comfortable than 90% of the beds I have slept on in my life. One draw back of sleeping on this cot + mattress is that you are pretty close to the roof of the car at that point. If you are a little claustrophobic, I don’t recommend it. Lastly, the cot can creak, but who cares.

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